Redefining how audiences for advertising are built, used and valued

YouGov Direct is designed for and has three distinct audiences: Consumers, Advertisers or Media Agencies and Publishers.


Get rewarded when organisations use your data to target you with advertising.

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Better for Internet Users
  • Monetized personal data
  • Improved privacy and anonymity
Advertisers or Media Agencies

YouGov Direct is a fully-opted in, completely transparent and fraud-free audience platform. With granular and accurate profiling data we enable precise consumer targeting and turn advertising into a two way dialogue.

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Better for Advertisers
  • Improved ad targeting
  • Reduced ad fraud

YouGov Direct can enhance: user experience, targeting capabilities with new consent driven audiences and help monetise your audiences outside of your own properties.

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Better for Publishers
  • Improved experience for visitors
  • Support GDPR compliance
Why We Created YouGov Direct

GDPR was the catalyst. Rather than view it as a compliance burden we saw it as an opportunity to create a new type of data market place that:

Improves understanding of audiences and ad targeting for brands and media agencies and turns advertising into a two way conversation
Empowers consumers with greater control of their data and creates the opportunity for them to obtain fair value from its use
Enables transformation of the digital marketing world by tackling some of the key challenges within existing ecosystem – fraud and transparency
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain underpins YouGov Direct creating an audit trail of verifiable transactions between advertiser and consumer.

We used blockchain technology to support YouGov Direct because it helps to tackle many of the challenges we see in the audience data market. It turns permission (or consent) into a verifiable audit trail of transactions that can be referenced by businesses to provide GDPR assurance and creates complete transparency of data use from data subject (consumer) to data user (advertiser).

YouGov Direct Solutions - Available Now

Our goal is to have millions of Users on the platform, creating audiences at scale that power internet advertising. While we build this scale, we have created three new products that are available now.

A new type of ad test that measures business outcomes

Breaking the traditional boundaries between research and marketing we can now link your ad to actual business outcomes. You select your audience, tell us what insight you want to generate or future audiences you want to speak to, and we will deliver the creative, the data and drive traffic to your desired digital property - its marketing with research added on.

Case Study: YouGov Direct Ad Test

Major entertainment client used the platform to reach parents with children under 16. YouGov Direct delivered video creative to test the ad and drive business outcomes.

Engagement rate
19% CTR
Following first exposure
Sales conversion rate
Insight Delivered:
Cinema habits

We have launched a number of campaigns to date for businesses in the UK, spanning: Media, Technology, Charity and FMCG / CPG verticals. We have a number of case studies to date, the metrics from which out-perform existing benchmarks. To learn more, please contact us.

CRM Enrichment

Consumers sell their data to you, allowing you to import it into your CRM systems to better serve and communicate with them. Furthermore, data can be used to model behaviour and attitudes across your wider CRM base.

Case Study: CRM Enrichment

Major UK Broadcaster sought data to enhance CRM systems and allow single customer view across multiple databases. Via YouGov Direct additional data sourced and consent granted to match into the brand's CRM.

Provided data and consent allowing YouGov Direct to match their data to the brand's CRM system
Provided data and consent because they... want the brand to improve what they offer me in the future.
Provided data and consent because they... think the value exchange is fair.
YouGov Now

The fastest insight solution on the market. Get thousands and of answers to your questions in minutes.

Our User base responds extremely quickly to requests for information and data. If you need an exceptionally quick turnaround to provide an indication of what your audience in thinking ahead of that client meeting or pitch, we will deliver data back to you within the hour.

Getting Rewarded For Use of Your Data

YouGov Direct is designed to give consumers greater privacy controls and ensure they obtain fair value from use of their data.

From the Consumer perspective YouGov Direct is an app that pays Users to interact with messages that are highly targeted, based on personal data they have explicitly provided and permissioned.

After downloading the app, Users are asked to complete their profile – a set of questions about who they are and how they think and behave. The app then asks for consent for profile data to be used for targeting purposes.

Consumers will then be invited to take part in a wide range of tasks, from viewing adverts to completing surveys. The fundamental principle of YouGov Direct is that Consumers are in charge. Everything we do with Consumer data is completely transparent and controlled by them.

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About Us
News and Appearances

The YouGov Direct team has been presenting at various conferences around the world, below are links to the content we presented at each of the events.

Cannes Lions Cannes, France, June 2019

Join us for an informal seminar on board Black and White on Wednesday 19 June at 1630 to hear YouGov CEO, Stephan Shakespeare talk about YouGov Direct and the ultimate vision for the product.

To reserve your place, please email us at

Online Marketing Rockstars Hamburg, Germany, May 2019

Rewriting the Rules of Digital Advertising - William Ullstein and Simon Clode

Marketing Week Live London, United Kingdom, March 2019

Breaking Down Barriers In The Digital Advertising Ecosystem With Blockchain Technology - William Ullstein and Simon Clode

Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit Dubai, March 2018

How blockchain can turn privacy concerns and GDPR into a massive opportunity - Stephan Shakespeare

Stephan Shakespeare
CEO & Founder

Stephan Shakespeare is CEO and Co-Founder of YouGov plc. One of the pioneers of Internet research, Stephan has been the driving force behind YouGov’s innovation-led strategy.

Sundip Chahal

Sundip Chahal has been with YouGov since 2005 and has been the Group’s Chief Operating Officer since 2014, overseeing the consolidation of the group’s operations and expansion efforts in new territories.

Alex Mcintosh

Alex McIntosh has been at YouGov since 2007 and during his time with the company has filled several key positions, including Chief Strategy Officer. He became Chief Financial Officer in 2017.

Andy Morris
Chief Innovation Officer

Andy has been at YouGov since 2010 and the Group’s Chief Innovation Officer since 2014, responsible for the design and architecture of the data YouGov collects and the products and services that feed from that.

Doug Rivers
Chief Scientist

Doug Rivers is one of the world’s leading experts on survey research, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and YouGov’s Chief Scientist. He has taught at Harvard University, Caltech, UCLA, and, most recently, Stanford University.

David Waylonis
Lead Developer

David Waylonis specializes in the development of robust, highly-scalable web and mobile applications. In 2015, he led the redesign of YouGov’s rapid polling app for Android and iOS.

Jonathan van Parys
Chief Digital Officer

Jonathan van Parys joined YouGov in 2016 as Director of Public Data. He became Chief Digital Officer in 2017 and oversees the development of YouGov’s panel and public-facing digital products.

Simon Clode
Head of Operations and Delivery

Simon leads the development YouGov Direct. Prior to joining YouGov, Simon ran a marketing start-up in Beijing and was previously Chief of Staff to the UK Minister for Trade and Investment.

William Ullstein
Head of Sales and Marketing

William joined YouGov in 2015 to create the UK Account Management function. In 2016 he was promoted to a global role and is currently leading sales and marketing for YouGov Direct and YouGov Audience Data.